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Alicia is our store manager and enjoys long walks on the beach with her main squeeze Archer (her adorable dog). Alicia has an eclectic taste in books, but fav genres include: cookbooks, fiction, and anything that can make her laugh. Look for her in the store Monday to Friday.
Sarah is our store's buyer and has basically read everything. Fiction is her favourite, but she knows almost everything about every book on our shelves (seriously—she is that good). You can find Sarah in the store Monday to Friday.
Gaisha is our assistant manager and expert receiver; she keeps everything running in the store super smooth. She joined us in the Okanagan in 2014 and hasn't looked back. She is in the store Monday to Friday—come say "hi"!
Madisyn has been a bookseller since the fine age of 16! In those years she has turned her interest towards the Kids' section at Mosaic. Stay tuned for all things kiddie books!
Cass is the blondie that you'll see in the store part-time. She loves the emotional baggage that comes along with contemporary fiction and the first love that comes with teen fiction. She also indulges in bio/non fic to remind herself she's an adult. Cass is who you want to chat with for a dramatic read.
Erin has a degree in Creative Writing and English. She is an expert in poetry, Greek myths, classics, and feminist lit. She has a deep abiding love for poems, feminism, and lipstick. Catch her here Monday to Friday.
Nicole L.
Nicole enjoys many historical reads but mostly historical romance and historical fiction. She can also be found reading dystopian novels, thrillers, page to screen, young adult and tons of kids storybooks. Find her in the store Monday to Friday stocking the shelves and helping out in the kids section.
Andrea is a part time employee and loves to spend her time reading post-modern poetry and classic fiction. Having spent a substantial amount of her adult years adventuring to distant lands, she is a great help in the travel section. With her favourite and most reliable travel partner always in tote—her camera- she can also help you peruse the photography section.
Jade is attending courses at UBC's Okanagan campus to study English, cultural studies, and creative writing. From current affairs to classics, fiction to verse, Jade is always looking for something different to read, so drop by the store on Fridays and Saturdays to tell them about your favourite book!
Katelyn is a recent expat, uprooted from potato country (Idaho). There, she was a high school Art and Ceramics teacher. She grew up in the rocky mountains of Colorado and feels at home in the Canadian Rockies. She loves painting, pottery and learning new things. She has a penchant for lyrics, poetry, stories; for written feeling. Anything that can stir her heart in some kind of way, is a book she will love. 
Angie is a part-time staff member who studies math (officially) and comic books (unofficially). You'll find her in the store on Saturdays, nerding out over fantasy, sci-fi, graphic novels, and science non-fiction, although she has been known to dabble in the occasional classic or cookbook (...she has a cookbook addiction). It's her name that's plastered all over the graphic novel section, so feel free to strike up a convo in that department!
Matt is a board-game enthusiast and provider of useless knowledge. Matt enjoys a wide variety of books and genres that usually keeps him out of trouble.
Nicole: Gosh. There's not much to say. Books are better company than people. My Mr. Darcy trumps your Edward Cullen any day. 
Bookmanager Staff Picks
Even though they don't work on the floor at Mosaic, the staff at our sister company Bookmanager are avid readers, too. Bookmanager is an indie book software program providing software and data services to the bookselling industry across Canada and the U.S. They all make their way down here often to chat books, teach the Mosaic staff how to use the new features, design/manage our website and give high fives... we at Mosaic/Bookmanager love a good high five.
Trevor likes things made of wood, music with lots of bleeps and bloops, and reading books about space and magic. He may or may not be writing a book about space wizards piloting wooden ships that frequently host some really fantastic dance parties. #PleasePublishMe
Diana gravitates towards non-fiction, specifically current affairs and popular culture. She also has a special place in her heart for oversized and simply stunning coffee table books featuring maps, Wes Anderson, coffee, cats, and clouds.
Carley's favourite things in life include cooking with her family, podcasts, pretty fonts and good coffee. Her picks mostly include fiction, biography, cookbooks, and she has also been known to buy books based solely on their cover. These days, she spends most of her time reading storybooks to her 2 year old daughter Margaux (Mosaic's bookstore baby), who is an avid reader with a HUGE library.
Kristi reads almost as much as Sarah (so much so that we think they might be putting money on who can read more books in a year). Her reading preferences lean towards historical fiction and YA, and she has a slightly unsettling interest in medical non-fiction. She also eagerly grabs for anything relating to Canadian (and specifically BC) history.
Kellynda wins the longevity award, and she has been with Bookmanager/Mosaic for over 20 years (WHOAAA!!!). She knows the ins and outs of the bookselling industry like the back of her hand and is hugely knowledgeable about everything books. Her picks usually revolve around fiction and kids books – fiction for her, kids books for her kids!
Melissa hails from Toronto. Before coming to our fair city, she managed a children's bookstore in Toronto (Mabel's Fables), and sat on the judges panel for the Arthur Ellis Best Juvenile or YA Crime Book, and the Amy Mathers Teen Book Award for two years. She loves memoirs and biographies, short story collections, and is a huge YA enthusiast, so be sure to check out her tween/teen picks.