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Alicia is our store manager and enjoys long walks on the beach with her main squeeze Archer (her adorable dog). Alicia has an eclectic taste in books, but fav genres include contemporary fiction and cookbooks.
Sarah is our store's buyer and has basically read everything. Fiction is her favourite, but she knows almost everything about every book on our shelves (seriously—she is that good). You can find Sarah in the store Monday to Friday.
Gaisha is our assistant manager; she keeps everything running in the store super smooth. She grew up with her head in a book and now shares that love of reading with her son.  Gaisha loves family sagas, whereas her son Otto loves storybooks with animals or excavators. 
Cass is the gal you'll see receiving all the books. She's been a bookseller at Mosaic for six years and loves historical and contemporary fiction, camping, cheese, and that crisp Okanagan vino.
Cam (he/him) does things like get in a taxi and say, "The bookstore, and step on it.
Caitlin's (she/her) two obsessions are dogs and books, and she hopes (plans) to spend her life always surrounded by thousands of both. She's always looking for books that open doors to other worlds, or to new perspectives in this one!
Zoe (she/her) loves books, birds, and being cozy. She will read anything that will put her in a trance.
Katelyn more or less survives by narrowing her existence to vivid imageries and dazed readings.
Georgia (she/her) can get down with fantasy books, contemporary fiction and anything magical. Oh, and Mr. Darcy, of course. 
Michael enjoys reading to his young son Ace more than on his own these days.  When not reading books about goblins and pirates he enjoys biography, psychology, health and philosophy and any other way to self-help himself into a better man.
Alicia J.
Alicia works here and there, loves science fiction and fantasy, and would rather be in Narnia. 
Lacy (she/her) wants to radically decolonize the world, but for now she's settling for radically decolonizing her bookshelf. If you're looking for some great Indigenous nonfic or poetry, she's your woman.
Shannon (she/her) is one of our part-time booksellers; you'll see her slingin' books on the weekends - pop in anytime and say hey!
Dani is the newest addition to our band of booksellers. Chat her up about her favourite books and mangas :)
Bookmanager Staff Picks
Even though they don't work on the floor at Mosaic, the staff at our sister company Bookmanager are avid readers, too. Bookmanager is an indie book software program providing software and data services to the bookselling industry across Canada and the U.S. They all make their way down here often to chat books, teach the Mosaic staff how to use the new features, design/manage our website and give high fives... we at Mosaic/Bookmanager love a good high five.
Trevor likes things made of wood, music with lots of bleeps and bloops, and reading books about space, magic, and tech. He may or may not be writing a book about space wizards piloting wooden ships that frequently host some really fantastic dance parties. #PleasePublishMe
Diana likes big books and she cannot lie. She cares for non-fiction, pop culture, coffee, cats, clouds ... and has a TBR pile the size of Texas. #sendhelp
Carley's favourite things in life include cooking with her family, podcasts, pretty fonts and good coffee. Her picks mostly include fiction, biography, cookbooks, and she has also been known to buy books based solely on their cover. These days, she spends most of her time reading to her kids who are both avid readers with a HUGE library.
Kristi is a Laura Ingalls Wilder enthusiast whose reading preferences lean towards historical fiction and YA.  She also has a slightly unsettling interest in medical non-fiction and sometimes finds herself immersed in the odd SciFi / Fantasy novel. She always eagerly grabs at anything relating to Canadian (and specifically BC) history.
Kellynda wins the longevity award, and she has been with Bookmanager/Mosaic for over 20 years (WHOAAA!!!). She knows the ins and outs of the bookselling industry like the back of her hand and is hugely knowledgeable about everything books. Her picks usually revolve around fiction and kids books – fiction for her, kids books for her kids!
Matt has a unhealthy obessession with a certain country (which can easily be deciphered below). When he is not trying to understand certain aspects of the human condition, you can find him escaping to enjoying a fiction book with a dash of magical surrealism.  
Jessica definitely knows her fantasy YA. When she is not helping fix printers and answering any other tech. questions with her bookmanager peeps, you can find her all cozy writing up a storm over a nice, hot cup of tea.