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Indigenous Authors & Books
A Matter of Conscience
James Bartleman
Paperback | May 2018
3 in store $24.99
The Marrow Thieves
Cherie Dimaline
Paperback | May 2017
12 in store $14.95
21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act
Bob Joseph
Paperback | Apr 2018
10 in store $19.95
Seven Fallen Feathers
Tanya Talaga
Paperback | Sep 2017
7 in store $22.95
Richard Wagamese
Paperback | Oct 2016
11 in store $18.95
The Inconvenient Indian
Thomas King
Paperback | Aug 2013
5 in store $22.00
(more on order)
Jonny Appleseed
Joshua Whitehead
Paperback | Apr 2018
5 in store $17.95
The Break
Katherena Vermette
Paperback | Sep 2016
2 in store $22.95
Braiding Sweetgrass
Robin Wall Kimmerer
Paperback | Aug 2015
3 in store $26.50
Ragged Company
Richard Wagamese
Paperback | Oct 2009
3 in store $21.95
(more on order)
Speaking Our Truth
Monique Gray Smith
Hardcover | Sep 2017
1 in store $29.95
Stolen Words
Melanie Florence
Hardcover | Sep 2017
2 in store $17.95
When We Were Alone
David Alexander Robertson
Hardcover | Dec 2016
4 in store $18.95
I Am Not a Number
Jenny Kay Dupuis
Hardcover | Sep 2016
3 in store $18.95
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Sherman Alexie
Paperback | Apr 2009
1 in store (bargain) $8.99
1 in store (regular) $20.99
Elements of Indigenous Style
Gregory Younging
Paperback | Feb 2018
4 in store $19.95

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Welcome to Camp Penguin!
We've made our ultimate summer reading list for kids aged 8-12. Whether their preference is for thrillers, fantasies, mysteries, or funny novels, this selection features diverse characters and perspectives. Some are standalone novels and some the start of a series. They're all paperbacks @ $12.99 or less. Grab some marshmallows and a flashlight and read all summer long! We even have Camp Penguin Read-Them-All Checklists available in store to help kids stay motivated!
CBC's The Next Chapter
Summer Kids Book Panel
The children's book panel with Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington is a long-standing tradition at The Next Chapter. In the summer edition of this semi-annual feature, our trusty panellists recommend eight books to suit the tastes of every young reader. Listen Here!
Battle of the Books Grade 3 & 4: 2018/19
Battle of the Books Grade 5: 2018/19
Battle of the Books Grade 6 & 7: 2018/19
2018 BC Book Prize Winners
The winners of this year’s BC Book Prizes were announced May 4th at the annual BC Book Prizes Gala at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront in downtown Vancouver.
We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) started as a hashtag in 2014 and evolved into a trademarked, volunteer-run, nonprofit organization in 2015. There have been a growing number of literary initiatives in place as librarians and booksellers work hard to change the conversation around diverse books, and to help others present diverse books more effectively to readers. For further reading, please check WNDB's highly popular, "End Of Year Lists", as well as a very thorough list/research page, here
Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics
 French Titles
Nouveau! On our shelves now and available for order!
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