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Nerve Movie Tie-In
Jeanne Ryan
Paperback | Jul 2016
6 in store $14.99
(2 more on order)
Indignation (MTI)
Philip Roth
Paperback | Jul 2016
2 in store $21.00
Suicide Squad
Marv Wolfman
Paperback | Aug 2016
3 in store $10.49
Florence Foster Jenkins
Nicholas Martin
Paperback | Jul 2016
3 in store $19.99
War Dogs
Guy Lawson
Paperback | Jul 2016
2 in store $10.99
(3 more on order)
The Light Between Oceans
M L Stedman
Paperback | Aug 2016
sold out $12.99
(9 on order)
Chesley B Sullenberger III
Paperback | Aug 2016
2 in store $19.99
The Snowden Files (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Luke Harding
Paperback | Aug 2016
5 on order $18.99
(releases Aug 30 2016)

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